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Image of MEN ADDICTED 01

Collector's Limited Printed Edition
1000 numbered copies worldwide

MEN ADDICTED 01 features contributors Inked Kenny, Full Mano, Mack Sturgis, Miguel Angel Reyes, Juan Castano, Sina Sparrow, Wim Beullens, Olivier Flandrois, David Hawe, Mon Graffito, Bruno S, Eric Lanuit.
Starring Eric Paul Leue, Sunny Armand, Dorian Cheignon, Gabe Laduke, Brad Hill, Kris Kubasta, Matteo Medeiros, Davey Pup...

160 pages
148 x 210 mm (5.82 x 8,26")
Cover printed on glossy paper 250g
Pages printed on paper 135g
Full black & white

Contents :
- Wrap your cock | Photographs by Inked Kenny
- Full Mano | Artwork by Full Mano | Photographs by Eric Lanuit
- Mr L.A. 2014 Eric Paul Leue | Drawings by Miguel Angel Reyes | Photographs by Mack Sturgis
- Kawaii | Artwork by Juan Castano
- When he started doing that... | Drawings by Sina Sparrow
- Sunny the cowboy | Photographs by Eric Lanuit
- The men I love | Drawings by Wim Beullens
- Nasty bears | Drawings by Olivier Flandrois
- Big locks | Photographs by David Hawe
- Mon Graffito | Drawings and Text by Mon Graffito
- Bruno S | Drawings and Text by Bruno S
- Dorian | Photographs by Eric Lanuit

English and French
Printed in Netherlands

Collector’s Limited Edition